Real Estate Whisperer Reveals How You Can Get Your Home Sold Quickly For Top $$$

In January 2016, the owner of a beautiful 5,000 square foot river front property came to me frustrated that her home wouldn’t sell. While they were willing to let the house go for $750,000, they were advised to put the house up at $790,500. For 3 years they had the house on the market and not a single offer.

The house was in a VERY desirable neighborhood and all the other comps said that $790,500 was a fair price. So why wouldn’t the house sell? She resolved the house couldn’t be sold and took it off the market.

I invited her to allow me to work on her home to help clear the stuck energy around what was blocking the home from being sold. The house needed 5 sessions over the course of the next 16 days. On the 16th day the phone rang with an offer of $750,000 that was happily accepted!

How did I do it?

OMG! That was amazing! As an alternative health practitioner, I was so used to working with people and animals that I was in awe of how quickly my energy techniques could work on people’s homes. So I tried out my methods, which is a unique combo of a few different modalities, and it worked again and again!

Another client’s home I worked on was listed for 8 months at $159,000 in a neighborhood that wasn’t entirely desirable. In fact there were 2 major drug busts the week I started working on the house. Talk about having my work cut out for me!

After 4 sessions, she received an offer on the house for $149,000 and accepted. As a byproduct, shifting the energy of the house made a positive difference on the energy of the neighborhood.

This has led me to become passionate about helping home owners & realtors who have tried everything to sell their houses tap into the energy of the property so that it can be sold quickly & for top dollar. If this sounds like something that might help you please give me a ring at 701-208-0158 so we can have a complimentary conversation about if this process might be right for you!